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Data Backup and Transfers

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Data loss is the number one business crippling culprit. Here at Tech ASAP, we've seen it all. Malware ravages a network - and all that data is gone or compromised. A single hard disk fails on your server RAID array, and now, you can't access any data.An electrical surge wrecks havoc on your system, and fries the drive. These are just a few things that we hope to never encounter, yet the frequency that they do is as often as it is unfortunate.  Tech ASAP provides off site automated data backup, so redundancy is never an issue, and you can sleep well knowing that you're protected in the event of a data disaster.  Tech ASAP makes it easy for you to expand, upgrade, or replace your systems, as we offer data transfers!   Call us today to have all of your data transferred to your new setup!


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